Annonce importante sur les renouvellements de licence Cyberoam


Important announcement
Are your customers running a very old version of CyberoamOS (firmware) on their Cyberoam appliances? Ensure your customers upgrade to CyberoamOS 10.02 or above to be able to renew the security subscriptions on these appliances.

Cyberoam customers running an older version of CyberoamOS are required to upgrade to CyberoamOS 10.02 or above to be able to apply subscription/renewal keys on their Cyberoam appliances. By staying on older versions of the firmware, customers lose out on protection of critical enhancements and features included in the new CyberoamOS.

What should be your next step?
Ask your Cyberoam customers to upgrade to CyberoamOS 10.02 or above, if they are using an older version. You can check the current CyberoamOS version in use from the appliance dashboard.

How can customers upgrade the CyberoamOS?
To upgrade from version 9 to version 10, click here.
To upgrade version 10, click here.

Why Upgrade to the New CyberoamOS?