Nouvelle version Dualshield 5.6

DualShield 5.6

New Features

  • Support IBM Domino Directory Server
  • Support IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  • Support IBM Tivoli Access Manager WebSEAL
  • Support 2X Application Server
  • Support password authentication for LDAP users via MSCHAP2
  • New policy option: Random Default PIN
  • Windows Logon: Support AD domain suffixes
  • Windows Logon: Support Single Sign-on (Windows 2008+)


  • Windows Logon Agent installer: Auto Registration supported
  • RADIUS Server installer: Auto Registration supported
  • Reclaim user licenses from orphaned users.
  • License key transfer
  • Upgraded to Twitter API 1.1
  • Nested user group made visible in the Management Console
  • RadiusAttribute and RadiusProfile become public objects
  • Windows Phone 8 is recognized by provisioning server
  • DMC/DSS Logout event is logged

Bug Fixes

  • Creating certificate on Linux was extremely slow.
  • Sending the next OTP (T-Pass policy) did not work if MSCHAP2 was used in RADIUS and the authenticator was StaticPass+ODP
  • Audit export failed on Linux although it reported success.
  • Cryptokey firmware upgrade did not work
  • CryptoKey firmware options lost after restarted DualShield service
  • Sending activation code caused exception "Error: Cannot get property 'options' on null object"
  • When pin was due to be changed, the GridGo credential was not checked when resetting pin
  • SafeID activation code was not sent when required by policy
  • DMC did not check a token’s email address in the Push Token function
  • Windows Logon: Access Control policy